The Scooters
This is Nadine, my Pro Street FXR that I built from a 1992 FXLR
This is Josephine, my 1975 FLH that I built from an FXE
Josephine's Motor & Detail

This Bike has won over 40 Shows including 2 National Shows and was featured in September 1996 "In the Wind" Magazine. I did not build it to show I built it to ride but she's done well at both

There is so much to list I'd rather you just look at her and see for yourself.
The 74ci Shovelhead motor was built by Norman Gross of Sussex Hills Cycle in Sussex, NJ.
Assembly was done by Skip Strubble and myself.
Every single bolt, washer, nut, cover, etc is either chrome or paint.
Almost everything is Genuine HD. I just just chromed it after I found it.
All lines are braided stainless steel.
The Paint was done by Elwood, Middletown, NY
The Detail was done by me.
Detail is Everything
Nothing Hi Tech about her.
She's just a good old FXE turned FLH.
Special Thanks to Norman Gross of Sussex Hills, NJ!!
Nadine was a stock FXLR. We modified and raked the frame. A stock FXST Wide Glide front end sits perfect with the 38 degree rake. The gas tank has been stretched and Jap capped. The stock front fender has been lowered and modified to fit snug against the 21" low profile Dunlop and 80 spoke wheel. A Jesse James rear fender covers the 160 Avon rear tire and 80 spoke wheel. It fits nice between the modified strut rails. If you look at the full size image you will see the LED rear tail light which is just a small slit in the fender. A headwinds headlamp lights the way up front. I removed all the bulky switches and housings. I replaced them with Excel Controls and I installed micro switches on the speedo/tach mount.  Ness side covers and grips, a custom made license plate mount &  chain guard, LePera seat, Progressive rear shocks, RevTec calipers, rotors and sprocket all fit in nicely with the sleek, low profile, "less is more" look I want. The 80ci Evo mill has had some head work to go with the EV3 cam, S&S Super E Carb, Jesse James Shot Gun Pipes (now Samson Big Gun Shorties), Crane Hi-4 Single Fire Ignition, KA Hyper Charger & K&N Filter. Landmark stainless steel motor mounts hold this rubber mounted mill in the frame. All the lines, brake, clutch, throttle, oil are braided stainless steel. Can't forget about all the chrome either. Nothing is polished. It's all chrome, stainless and paint or it ain't there! Nadine is a Very Sexy Lady!

But I wasn't done there. A Chopper Guys frame and 96" S&S mill replaced the heavy stock frame (damaged in an accident) and tired HD mill (138K miles). What you see is Nadine II
Special Thanks to Mike Roberts of UnderGround Cycle, West Palm Beach, FL
1st Place in Harrisburg, PA
J&P Productions National Series
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This is Josephine II, my 2006 Road King
Special Thanks to Harold & crew at Chandler Custom Cycles, Chandler, AZ
Both Nadine II & Josephine I have been sold. Need to finance a new project - The House Renovation - AKA the Money Pit. More on this to come with a link on the Home page.
I'll be building some new customs soon. First I have to finish the Money Pit.
Josephine II
Is a 2006 Road King with some nice touches I've added. I started with a brand new RK and did a Screaming Eagle Stage II kit, w/ a Thunder header exhaust & the race tuner. This bagger has some giddeup. I lowerd the bike, pulled off a bunch of chrome and powdercoated those pieces black (much more of this to come). I added some apes, a quick release tour pak & wind screen, so in a few minutes it's ready for long hauls or pull the bags and screen off for some bar hopping. I'll post more as I do more.