The Blaster Projects
This is the Blaster before we started the Mods
You can see, this Blaster is pretty stock. With the exception of rear tires, torn seat cover, bent handle bars, cheap grips, nerfs and pipe you're looking at a stock Blaster here.
Even Stock Heather still Podiums

Here are some of the parts we'll be using
Left Pic - Banshee Axle (just under 4 inches wider than the stock Blaster axle), Blaster Zone Hydralic Rear Brake Kit, Pep Front Shock Covers, Used Front Brake Perch (single cable) & Clutch Perch. Here you can see I've already painted the foot pegs, and lever perches metalic blue. NOTE: The stock rear Brake mount must be modified to do the Hydralic Conversion. Look below for pics.
Middle Pic -18x10x8 ITP Holeshot MX Rear Tires on Douglass .190 Rims, 19x6x10 ITP Holeshot MX Front Tires, ITP Rims (in the background).
Right Pic - +4" Extended Swing arm, Stock Axle Carrier, Stock Rear Brake Hub & Rear Fender Brace are being primed.
A List of the Parts We Have -
PEP 250R Rear Shock w/ Rezzy (Up to 12" of travel)
Banshee Front Shocks (2" more travel than stock Blaster shocks)
+4" Extended Swing Arm (modified from stock)
+4" Banshee Rear Axle (Powder coated silver)
Blaster Zone Rear Hydralic Brake Kit w/ Braided SS Lines
ITP Holeshot MX Rear Tires (18x10x8)
ITP Holeshot MX Front Tires (19x6x10)
Douglass .190 Rear Wheels
ITP .190 Front Wheels
DG Alloy Nerf Bars
DG V-Pro Bumper
AC Rear Grab Bar
Tag T-2 Handle Bar Kit
3" Front Wheel Spacers (until A-Arms are replaced)
Pro Design Tether Kill Switch
FMF 909 Velocity Grips
AC Swing Arm Skid Plate
D.I.D X-Ring Chain
MSR Chain Rollers
EBC Front Brake Pads
Ceet Seat Cover
PEP Front Shock Covers
Factory Plastic

Race Port & Polished Cylinder
Milled Head
Wiesco Piston
Boysen Reeds
Billet Reed Spacer
FMF Fatty Pipe w/ Core II Silencer
K&N Air Filter System
Carb jetted for pipe & porting
T.M. Designworks Oil Injection Block Off Kit
Bead Blasted Head & Cylinder (for Raw Look)
Polished Clutch Cover
Pepper Red Crank Case Cover
Pepper Red Oil Pump Cover
Stainless Steel Allen-Head Motor Bolt Kit

And More to come....

Here is the Frame & the Swingarm being Painted Regal Red. I used no less than 8 coats of clear to minimize chipping.
You can see the Rear Sprocket Hub painted Metalic Blue

Click the Pics for Larger Images
Here You can see it starting to come together. I still need to buff out all the over spray & hazing (recommend you do this before assembly). I rushed to get in side before a storm hit us. I've installed the A-Arms, Steering Stem, Shocks, Front Brakes, Hubs, Swing Arm, Rear Axle, Axle Carrier (new bearings too), Brake hub, Sprocket Hub, Wheel Hubs, Wheels, Rear Brake Kit, Rear Grab bar, Tail Light & Front Bumper. In case you're wondering were the left footpeg is, I leave it off so I can slide the motor in. It''ll be bolted on after that.  If you look at the larger images you can see I modified the brake mount by removing the cable guides. The frame must also be cleaned up.

Click the Pics for Larger Images
Here You can see the Plastic starting to go on. The Tag T-2 Bars are on. Controls and Levers are mounted. All the wiring is complete. I eliminated the key switch & housing. Wires for headlamp are hidden in case we want to do some night riding we can mount the headlamp in a couple of minutes. I didn't like the loss of lines or flow that occured when the stock bumper was removed so I modified the old bumper to mesh with the new. I think I'm going to change the color to match the frame so it flows nicely.  Yeah, it adds about 1.5lbs to the bike but it looks so good! Not sure about the fenders yet.  I've cut the stock fenders down. They still need to be belt sanded to smooth out the edges. The hood looks great!! It cleaned up nicely and the Blaster decal is a perfect fit. Even so, I'm still thinking about the Project Blaster hood/fender. I have plenty of time to decide.

Rear Fender installed.  I changed the color of the front sub frame & cover. I think the red and white finish it off nicely.
Jack Inspecting the work
(Jack getting the motor ready)
The Real Brains of this Operation
The Seat on. I repaired & recovered the seat. Looks Good.
OK, The seat is on, the fenders look good (still need to belt sand the fronts), the tank cover polished out nice too. Everything is coming together pretty well. Now it's time to put my attention into the remaining motor work. Stay tuned.....

This is the Project Blaster Race Hood we may be using
CJ's Mods
The parts list I started with is very close to Heather's
This Quad is more of a Desert Runner, than Track Racer
The few differences are;
Powdercoating (no painting on this ATV)
IMS Roll bumper
Armadillo Six Pack & Gas can holder
TAG X bars
2.5" Rear wheel spacers (Total 5") 
Powdercoated - Black frame, Silver 4" over swingarm, Yellow axle carrier & steering stem
Another shot. Note the rear wheel spacers.
Another shot. Note the rear wheel spacers.
Powdercoated black frame, front  & rear together. Starting to wire it
Frame, front  & rear together. Starting to wire it
Rear Shot - Frame, front  & rear together. Starting to wire it
Carrier powdercoated yellow. Note the 250R rear shock (springs can be powdercoated too)
Front view with steering stem powdercoated yellow
CJ's Blaster Completed & Ready to Ride
Heather's Blaster gets a new rear rotor. While I'm back there I powdercoated the carrier metalic blue. This down time is a good opportunity for maintenance - don't forget to grease up the chassis & front brake lines
Well Folks, there you have it. I get a lot of emails with questions about these mods and what works with Blasters.
Blasters and these inexpensive mods are a good way to give kids a truly easy to ride, and maintain, custom ATV.
If you like wrenching, it's a lot of fun to do one of these. Ebay is a great place to get most parts & used Blasters can be had for under $1000.

Hope this helps you with your Blaster Project