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     My name is Doc. I've been Biking for about 30 yrs now. I have my own thoughts on what being a biker means and what biking is for me. I always like meeting interesting people. You can never have enough friends. I like good times. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so I'm not looking for any of that. Bimbos, barflies and nut cases please move along. I'm not looking to meet a woman for romance and this is not an ad.  I'm really not looking for anything in particular.  Just thought I'd try to make a page. I'm in  Arizona now days. The Phoenix area. I am a professional and hard working. I don't want to be working hard on keeping a page up or anything so I'll update this one from time to time, as I can.  I have seen a few biker pages and I thought it might be fun to post one.

My Interests
Biking. I like to Build custom Harleys & Ride em hard. Hotrods, Houses, Music, (been playing guitar for many years). I like Rock, Classic Rock, Extreme Rock, Metal
(IF IT'S TOO LOUD YOU'RE TOO OLD!), Blues, Classic Jazz, Swing, Classical & much more. I'm a true audiophile so the music has to be good. I like Home Building, Movies, Sports (Mets, Yankees, Giants, Jets, Rangers & Knicks fan), huge boxing & MMA fan, Working out, Health, Fire Arms, Art,  Antiques, Kids, History, Nature & lots  more. No particular order defined here. Just about anything short of the migration habits of the wilderbeast and the sort interest me. Did I mention that I like music?
I have been working in Iraq in support of OIF & now Afghanistan since 2004.
I need to do my part.
Our Mission is an important one,
Remember, Freedom isn't free.

We owe all our Brothers & Sisters who served for our Freedom
My New Mexico License Picture
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Me riding in Ignatio, CO. On the way to Wolf Creek Pass.
Me putting on chaps, getting ready to freeze  in Colorado.
OK, so I couldn't deal with the clean shaven thing - I compromised.

Special Thanks to Sage in Phoenix for his great Ink which gave me a 1st place finish at the 4 Corners Iron Horse Rally in 1999. His talent and my imagination took best male.

Thanks Sage!
Just A Few Shots of Me Clean Shaven.  It's a rare occurance.
(That's Why I live in a State that lets me Choose)

I'm all for freedom of choice here. Motorcycles are not a necessity, like cars are. I understand the seatbelt requirement & agree with it.

Motorcycles are typically for leisure & as such it should be the rider's choice to wear a lid.
Just my two cents.
Yes, I own one for those nasty states I occassionally have to  ride through.
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