The Scooter Projects
I started this project some time back & sold it just prior to paint & final assembly.
I sold the Sporty I started below as well.
I'll build another chopper, only this time I'll go with a 300 rear tire on rigid frame, 10" stretch, 43 degree rake, apes to the sky & jockey shift of course.

Think I'll still call her Maxine, since this Maxine was sold before she was officially named.
Hello to my Bros at FRMF in Farmington, New Mexico
Hope You Dig the Pics.
1950 Pan Project
This is how it starts. I sketch out a rough idea of the look I'm wanting. From this I build the scooter from the frame up. As I post this I'm working on the frame and the motor is about to be bumped up to 93 cu in instead of 80 cu in. Now remember, there's the "Wish" List and there's the "What I can really do within Budget" List.
Now to start getting Parts!!
Step 2 is what I call the "Mock Up". This is where I actually layout the Bike to see what will work for what I'm trying to accomplish. Notice many parts are old or used. That's fine. If it works you save $$$.

It's important to build the bike before you paint.  This way everything fits & you are not scratching up your fresh paint job when you do the final assembly.
I Fit the Rear Tire and Wheel to Frame. Then I Mark up Frame for Modification (Rake, Stretch, Backbone Stretch, etc.). Fit Tank and Layout Tank Stretch. Fit Motor and Trans into Frame. Line up Motor, Trans and Rear Wheel. Figure out Offset.  The "Mock Up" phase really sets the build in motion for me.
Nice and Fat Huh?
41mm, 8" Over Stock Wide Glide Front End Looks Good.
Front Wheel and Ape Hangers look ok. Think I may opt for a 16" Front Wheel with 150mm Rubber instead of the 21" you see here. Don't want a Front Fender on this Scooter. It's too cool for that!
Getting the Front End Rake the way I want it. I need to make sure my Forks are the right length for my rake and stretch so that the scooter sits level to the ground. The Motor has a Shovelhead top end. I will install
STD Panheads instead.
Looking at different Fender and Rear Wheel Styles. It's starting to look like the Chopper I want. I think I'll go with a Solid Rear Wheel and Round Rear Fender though (same length as shown).  By now I have my 3" Open Belt drive & Clutch picked out. I'll go with a chain final drive. I need to figure out how I want my Jockey Shift setup.
This is just the very start. There is MUCH work to do and decisions to be made. I'll post more when I can. Patience is the key to a good project.
(Left & Below): This is Trudy, a 1975, 74ci,  S&S Stroker,  Ironhead Sportster. You can see she's low to the ground. The frame is molded and we built an oil tank/battery box for her. She has a mid glide (39mm) front end. FL rear fender w/ 1939 Ford tear drop tail light and chrome ribs. The front fender is from a springer that I modified. Not shown are the fender struts I made when I switched to a wider rear fender. I'll trash the old rear drum brake and go to a rotor & caliper. Front wheel is 19", rear is 16". As with all my scooters all cases, nuts, bolts, lines, cables, etc. will be chrome & stainless steel. This scooter will be painted Black.
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